Lady Gaga’s Keyboard Player Built an Awesome 360 Keyboard

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pianoarc-360-keyboard-by-brockett-parsons (1)

PianoArc is a circular keyboard featuring 294 Keys with 3 contiguous eighty-eight note keyboards and 1 thirty note control section with a 3 pitch bend/mod per full keyboard section. The unique instrument is the brainchild of Brockett Parsons, who is currently on tour with Lady Gaga as her main keyboard player.

pianoarc-360-keyboard-by-brockett-parsons (3)

To bring his idea to life, Parsons put together a team of keyboardists, designers, technicians. The PianoArc measures approximately 6 feet in diameter and rests on a height-adjustable stand that can also tilt +/- 50 degrees. Check out the extensive demo below to see this amazing wraparound keyboard in action.

“Why should the guitar players have all the fun?” – Brockett Parsons

The PianoArc, which is colloquially referred to as the “Brockettship”, was built for stage presence. It allows the keyboard player more freedom to move and jam and really get into the performance. For more technical specifications, pricing…

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UK’s First ‘Poo Bus’ Rides on Human Waste Fuel


Talk about a gas guzzler: a new bus in Britain runs on biomethane fuel produced by humans sewage and food waste.

The Bio-Bus—or as it’s more affectionately known, “the poo bus”—can travel up to 186 miles on one tank of gas, which takes the annual waste of about five people to produce, the BBC reports. A single passenger’s annual food and sewage waste can fuel the Bio-Bus for 37 miles.

The bus, which emits up to 30% less carbon dioxide than conventional diesel vehicles, will shuttle people between Bristol Airport and Bath.

GENeco general manager Mohammed Saddiq said, “Gas-powered vehicles have an important role to play in improving air quality in UK cities but the Bio-Bus goes further than that and is actually powered by people living in the local area, including quite possibly those on the bus itself.”


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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

the rock and roll mom


If I were independently wealthy, I would be an inventor. Like Doc Brown in Back to the Future, I’d have a nifty little workshop out back of my house. Just no crazy hair or kooky glasses. I mean, I’d be an inventor with style. But seriously, I could invent so many things. Having kids creates so many needs for things. I could win the Nobel Prize for Awesome Gadgets that make a Mom’s life easier.  For instance:

A Burnt On Marshmallow Remover for the Glass on Your Gas Fireplace
Right? Do you feel me? How the f%$k am I supposed to get this burnt on sugar off the glass after #2 thought it might be a good idea to try and roast marshmallows on our fully enclosed glass gas fireplace. And that sh#t is just burning on more and more every time we turn the damn thing on. I went…

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More sneaky snakes found in Saskatchewan home

Global News

REGINA – A Saskatchewan family has captured more slithering snakes in their home.

And some of the serpents are going to school.

The family collected 221 plains garter snakes in the fall that had wriggled in through foundation cracks on their old farm house outside Regina.

Megan Lawrence with the Salthaven West wildlife centre says the family recently brought in more serpents, bringing the total to 310.

She says 100 of the snakes are to be transported this week to the Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus in Prince Albert.

She says students will put the reptiles in hibernation for the winter and monitor them as part of a school project.

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WATCH: Obama uses ‘executive action’ to pardon turkeys Mac and Cheese

Global News

U.S. President Barack Obama pardoned two Thanksgiving turkey on Wednesday in what he said was sure to be the “most talked-about” executive action of the month, referring jokingly to his executive decision last week offering protection to roughly 5 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

“I am here to announce what I’m sure will be the most talked about executive action this month,” Obama said at the White House ceremony. “Today I’m taking an action fully within my legal authority. The same kind of action taken by Democrat and Republican presidents before me. To spare the lives of two turkeys.”

The president, along with his two daughters Malia and Sasha, spared a 49-pound bird named “Cheese” and turkey 47-pounder named “Mac” from the dinner table.

His children seemed less enthused, however: Asked to pet the birds, his oldest daughter Malia declined.

Following the pardoning ceremony, Obama responded to news…

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