Getting Lost in Transition

Seeing the World as It Is

In getting from one point to another, thoughts, feelings and actions inevitably arise. Directed and often deliberate they come to mirror effort and frustration when caught between the points. It is very easy to get lost in this transition without realising. Have you even noticed this phenomenon?

Being totally absorbed in a situation whether through thoughts, feelings or actions brings not freedom but instead absolute bondage filled with effort and frustration. Even when reaching the next point–though there may be a sense of relief or triumph–bondage remains cleverly disguised by the mind hurriedly pushing you to the next moment. This phenomenon is the result of feverishness and attainment.

Feverishness and dispassion are not the opposites of each other. Awareness is equally found in feverishness as it is in dispassion and is often expressed as ambition or aggression. One can even be feverish about being dispassionate!

Feverishness is not void of dispassion because…

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