Mobile and Social Engagement – Using Games to Reach Users

SoLoMo Law

One of the new frontiers for customer engagement on both mobile and social is the increasing ramification of the user interface.  Making it seem more like a game, and the elements of that user experience more fun-seeming.  I am not a psychologist so that actual science behind it eludes me.  What I do know is that it works.

The gaining of badges, achievements, etc. Seem to motivate people to engage more on forums and with brands.  They feel special and they are hooked into the ongoing desire to gain that next level.  How often have you done something for too long just to get to that next level.  Think World of Warcraft and you get the idea.

Gamification, if done rightly can be a great way to get your users and customers to work with you more and do the things that you want them to do.  Please use this…

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