Can puppies help you fight cancer? New study hopes to find out

Global News

They soothe stressed out students during exam period, cheer up the elderly in seniors’ homes and they act as emotional therapy to military veterans.

Puppies are man’s best friend, but can they also cure you of your ailments? A groundbreaking study led by the American Humane Association and five U.S. hospitals hopes to find out.

Dogs may be able to put a smile on anyone’s face but the scientists say there’s no scientific proof that the sweet animals can give you a special dose of feel-good medicine when you need it most.

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The study, dubbed as the first official clinical trial on the effects of animal therapy, will pair young cancer patients with dogs.

“One promising, and underutilized weapon in the war on childhood cancer has been acknowledged anecdotally, but never before been rigorously evaluated in the…

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