Lady Gaga’s Keyboard Player Built an Awesome 360 Keyboard

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pianoarc-360-keyboard-by-brockett-parsons (1)

PianoArc is a circular keyboard featuring 294 Keys with 3 contiguous eighty-eight note keyboards and 1 thirty note control section with a 3 pitch bend/mod per full keyboard section. The unique instrument is the brainchild of Brockett Parsons, who is currently on tour with Lady Gaga as her main keyboard player.

pianoarc-360-keyboard-by-brockett-parsons (3)

To bring his idea to life, Parsons put together a team of keyboardists, designers, technicians. The PianoArc measures approximately 6 feet in diameter and rests on a height-adjustable stand that can also tilt +/- 50 degrees. Check out the extensive demo below to see this amazing wraparound keyboard in action.

“Why should the guitar players have all the fun?” – Brockett Parsons

The PianoArc, which is colloquially referred to as the “Brockettship”, was built for stage presence. It allows the keyboard player more freedom to move and jam and really get into the performance. For more technical specifications, pricing…

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